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Towed systems

Towed systems can be deployed for numerous tasks. They include seabed mapping (e.g. seaweed) and collecting organic and inorganic material from the water column, or collecting substances located on or near the seabed (e.g. sediment, manganese nodules, animals, dead algae). Video and still image monitoring documentation is also possible, as well as acoustics applications.




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Epibenthos Sledge
The epibenthic sledge is a special towed system design. The aim is to capture organisms in the water column immediately above the sea floor at a height of approximately 1 m above the seabed. To achieve this the carrier frame is equipped with nets and collecting cups for sampling. When towed, all organic and inorganic materials can be caught in the cups via the nets. Thermostable net cups ensure the samples are retained in the surrounding water close to the capture location. The samples thus remain in a cooled condition until they are on deck.
Additional equipment can include a still camera time-lapse programming, photo flash, floodlight illumination, CTD and/or sonar. We also provide Oktopus deep-sea batteries, representing a suitable power source.
Oktopus telemetry equipment is available for real-time documentation on deck.
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Datenblatt Epibenthosschlitten  

Data sheet Epibenthos Sledge
O²FOS - Oktopus Ocean Floor Observation System
The Oktopus Ocean Floor Observation System (OFOS) explores the entire water column as well as the seabed up to 6,000 m. Equipped with camera and headlight, the device is towed at a constant speed. In conjunction with a telemetry system and a corresponding winch cable, control options as well as the video image are transmitted to the deck. The sturdy frame of the OktoMF system is universally configurable. The assembly with additional sensors and various actuators is possible.
Application examples are the monitoring of environmental influences, sedimentation processes or ammunition prospection.
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Datenblatt Oktopus O²FOS

Data sheet Oktopus O²FOS